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Pest Control In Burleigh Waters

Tom’s Pest Control is a reputed name known for providing premium-quality pest control in Burleigh Waters – a suburb in the city of Gold Coast. We love to welcome the opportunity of protecting your home and office from pest infestation through our TAFE and APCA-certified pest exterminators. 

We are expert in providing complete pest removal services for all commercial and residential sites, restaurants, and corporate bodies anywhere and everywhere across Burleigh Waters. Our pest treatment services cover all types of pest species, including ants, spiders, birds, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, wasps, mites, mosquitoes, beetles, and many more. 

We use state-of-the-art technology and procedures to kill all types of pests in no time without affecting the health and wellbeing of your family or employees. We pride our four-steps systematic approach to the pest treatment process that guarantees best results possible with 100% service satisfaction.

    How To Determine Pest Infestation?

    If your environment is infested with the pest, then there must be signs that indicate pest attacks. You will see many signs and symptoms if you pay close attention. All types of pests leave many trails or droppings which indicate their presence.

    Some of them are:

    • Pest infestation cause damage to your belongings that you can easily observe.
    • You can look for the trail of pests’ droppings like shredded skin, food crumbs, excreta, etc.
    • Most of the pest species have a distinct smell due to their excreta, which is another sign to confirm their infestation.
    • Check your basements, attics, kitchens, and garbage for nests that is a major source of the infestation.

    Seeing them moving around your property all the time confirms heavy pest infestations, somewhere in the dark corner.

    Commercial Pest Control In Burleigh Waters

    Tom’s Pest Control is committed ridding your environment of unwanted pests that cause a threat to your health and damage your belongings. Our treatment process covers all types of general as well as commercial pest control services in Burleigh Waters, including timber pests. Some of our services that are frequently in demand among the residents and businesses are:

    Ant Control Burleigh Waters

    Ants are not harmful pests until they choose your home and office basement or garden as their preferred nesting site. Ants have the habit of forming large colonies. A single colony houses thousands of ants and removing these colonies from the cracks of the wall, pavement, or ground can be a tricky job without any professional help.

    If severe ant infestation at your property is troubling you, contact us for complete ant control in your area. We address ant infiltration by providing a variety of ant treatments and ant fumigation services for your home and office space.

    Our licensed and trained team of ant control specialist will conduct an inspection service at your place to locate the colonies of ants. We will chalk out the best solutions that suit both your requirement and budget.

    Mite Control in Burleigh Waters

    We are specialists in providing comprehensive mite control treatment for your home and office space. Mites damage your agricultural products and cause a health risk.

    Dust mites trigger the allergy. Furthermore, black mite’s constant bites increase irritation and frustration.

    Our team of mite control experts will study the issue and give the exact solution. We offer customised pest removal services based on the type of mite species you are dealing with and the extent of infestation they have caused.

    Our systematic treatment process aims at producing outstanding results that last for years.

    Flea Treatment Burleigh Waters

    Fleas are the brownish-coloured, small creatures that infest animals and plants. They live underneath the undetected fur of many animals and suck their blood, resulting in severe infections.

    We offer flea pest control after a thorough inspection of the infested site to eradicate them permanently. Our licensed and certified technicians utilise the latest technology and treatment for pest extermination in competitive price.

    Cockroach Control Burleigh Waters

    Cockroaches transmit diseases causing the health risk of your family and office staffs. They are tough to remove completely from your environment without any professional service as they possess strong resilience power.

    A severe cockroach infestation can trigger asthma, contaminate foods items, and cause severe food poisoning, which are something we don’t want to happen with you and your loved ones.

    Our professional treatment services can ensure that these hidden pests will not creep out of your kitchen cabinet or sink any more. We follow precise cockroach treatment method to help you with complete removal of cockroaches with almost no chances of relapse.

    With our focus on making every home and businesses making cockroach-free, we follow the strict sanitation standards. It protects the health and wellbeing of your loved ones leading to a quality life.

    Beetle Treatment In Burleigh Waters

    If a massive horde of beetle pests attacks your home and office space, then it is a wise idea to contact us. It is tough to figure out the intensity of the infestation issue without professional support.

    Even you think the problem isn’t that serious, an expert inspection won’t harm in the long term.

    We boast of our precise service and latest procedures that guarantee complete removal of different species of beetles from your residential or commercial buildings.

    Fly Control Burleigh Waters

    You can see flies buzzing everywhere around your property. They are present in your office, home, street, around the garbage dump, and many other places.

    They may not attack or bite you or your pet, but they are the major source of transmitting disease and causing a health risk.

    We have helped several homes and businesses with healthy and quality life by removing flies permanently. These pesky creatures lay eggs in the dark, humid corners.

    We use industry-approved, safe products and methods to remove them with no chance of relapse.

    Contact Us To Discuss Your Requirement

    Our pest treatment services cover all areas of Burleigh Waters. You can contact our local team from anywhere or everywhere in the city of Gold Coast for instant professional help. Call us on (07) 5655 7627 to discuss your pest infestation issue and get an upfront quote and valuable advice from our expert. It’s a part of our transparent services.

    Pest Control Burleigh Waters

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