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If you have started seeing an increasing number of flies hanging around your Gold Coast property, it’s time to take professional help. Contact Tom’s Pest Control – your local pest removal company, for complete removal of the fly from your Gold Coast area.

There isn’t a single place where you can’t see flies. They are present in your house, office, around the garbage dump, on the street, and many other sites. You will notice these pesky creatures buzzing around your property and laying eggs in the dark, humid corners.

We are the reputed and trusted name that has helped numerous homes and businesses with our industry-accredited fly removal in the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs. We conduct standardised and safe fly infestation treatment procedures to keep your space safe and hygienic.

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Danger Of Fly Infestation

Flies generally do not attack or bite human or pets, but they carry the potential risk of causing a health hazard by transmitting disease. They create a health risk for your family, pets, and office staffs.

Their presence makes your surrounding dirty, unhygienic, and unwelcoming for both guests and clients. Some of the reasons behind the timely extermination of flies from your environment are:

  • According to the World Health Organisation, there are at least 65 diseases that are spread by flies, including diarrhoea, cholera, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and others.
  • You are more likely to contract a disease from a fly than from a rodent or cockroach.
  • Flies contaminate food items and risk the overall hygiene of your property.
  • Flies swarming around your place put the cleanliness and hygiene standards of your property in question
The hiring of Tom’s Pest Control guarantees high-quality fly infestation treatment that provides a healthy, clean, and pest-free environment to your family, pets, and employees.

Common Fly Species In Gold Coast, Australia

There are many types of fly species found in Gold Coast, Australia. Many of them have medical, agricultural, and veterinary importance and are not considered pests. Following is the list of major pest flies found in Australia:
  • Horsefly
  • Blowfly
  • Cluster fly
  • Fruit fly
  • Drain fly
  • Housefly
  • Flesh fly
  • Bush fly
  • Robber fly
  • Leaf mining fly
  • Many more
They are known for their distinct characteristics, lifecycle, and habits. Each of the types causes a varying degree of health issues and damage and needs specific fly removal treatment.

The Fly And Maggot Treatment Procedure

At Tom’s Pest Control, we apply a systematic approach to fly treatment thorough our four-steps precise treatment service. Our main idea behind this strategy is getting rid of the adult flies, their eggs, maggots, and the diseases they transmit. We start our action plan the moment you contact us and discuss your fly pest control needs.

Fly Pest Control Inspection

Our experienced and skillful fly exterminator in Gold Coast will drive to your property to conduct a thorough inspection. We carry out inspection work without disturbing your routine work.

Our findings will examine and verify the type of fly pest species responsible for causing. We will locate the breeding ground and act accordingly.

The inspection service helps us in finding out the extent of the infestation, damage caused by health and hygiene risks for your family and employees, and many other factors.

Fly Treatment Plan

Based on our inspection result, we will create a customised fly control treatment plan to remove them entirely from your surroundings.

The plan explains the type of treatment procedure required, the expected time needed to complete the treatment process, instructions for the inhabitants to follow, and the possible outcome.

We will give a detailed explanation of all the steps before we start our treatment process. You can ask any questions; we will be happy to clear your doubts.

Fly Control In the Gold Coast

At Tom’s Pest Control, we are committed to providing you with safe fly pest control treatments. We value your concern for the health and wellbeing of your family and staff.

Hence, we generally prefer to use non-insecticide control options rather than chemical treatments.

We use customised treatment options based on your requirements. Our treatment options include fly baits, the setting of traps and nets, liquid applications, and other techniques.

It provides the complete elimination of the pest fly surrounding your premises.

Fly Control Ongoing Prevention

Although our fly control services guarantee rare chances of relapse, still we will assist you with some time-proven tips and tricks to minimise the likelihood of fly infestation in your area & fly control for restaurants.

Some of them are:

  • Regular cleaning of kitchen and other parts of your home and office
  • Proper ventilation to avoid the damp and moist area
  • Removal of stagnant water sources near your house or office
  • Covering of all utensils that contain cooked or uncooked foods

Why Tom’s Fly Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control is known for providing the most advanced and safer pest fly removal solution to countless home and businesses in your locality. We are the preferred choice of local people because of the following reasons:
  • Same day or the next day treatment service
  • Local pest exterminator team
  • Safe, family, and pet-friendly treatment procedure
  • Certified, trained, and experienced pest control specialists
  • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
  • Friendly and transparent customer service
  • Tailored treatment plan with an outstanding result
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee
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