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Do you notice cockroaches, fleas, flies, rodents, termites, or other pest types at your property? Are you searching for high-quality affordable pest control in Ormeau from experts?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control in Ormeau.

We are the trusted name for comprehensive pest management in all the major cities of Australia, including the Gold Coast, with a few decades of service. Our local pest control teams in Ormeau can give you quick extermination and control services and restore your property’s healthy condition.

All our pest technicians are TAFE and APCA-certified to give you superior-quality, long-lasting pest control solutions.

    Comprehensive Range Of Solutions

    We provide pest management solutions for all the major and minor pest issues reported in the Gold Coast and suburbs. Whether you want to make your commercial space, residential environment, or industrial property pest-free, we have the tools and technology to address your concerns in no time.

    Some of the most sought-after pest management solutions of us in the Gold Coast are the following:

    Rodent Extermination And Control

    Rodents are one of the biggest predators of the healthy environments of property. No matter you see rats or mice at your property, you should seek professional pest control immediately. Rodents spread more than 35 diseases, create extensive property damage, feed and contaminate food accessible at the property, and demand frequent property maintenance.

    Our pest technicians will identify all the hiding places and access points of the rodents as well as the factors that attracted the pest to your property. We will complete comprehensive rodent extermination, repair various openings at your property, and provide property and yard maintenance tips for long-term results.

    Bird Trapping And Control

    Pest birds create greater annoyance to both residential and commercial spaces. Indian mynas, pigeons, seagulls, doves, house sparrows, and other pest birds create property damage, compromise the property hygiene, introduce pathogens and other pests to human habitats, and more.

    At Tom’s pest Control, we have humane methods for bird control and use special traps to catch the pest birds. Based on your property’s pest infestation issues and in your locality, we may put bird nets, wire meshing, bird spikes, and more to repel the pests. Additionally, we will advise you specific property maintenance tips to minimise future infestation risks.

    Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches are considered as filthiest pest found in properties. Studies confirm that they carry a few millions of pathogens and spread various diseases. The droppings of cockroaches are one of the primary reasons for childhood asthma. They can also contaminate your food by running on it.

    We will identify all the hiding places of cockroaches at your property – generally damp and dark areas of your property – and exterminate them with advanced cockroach control procedures. Regular maintenance can minimise the cockroach infestation to a large extent, and we will advise you specific property maintenance tips based on our inspection to ensure lasting cockroach control results.

    Spider Extermination And Control

    Australia is home to several poisonous spider species, but most of them prefer to stay away from human habitats. However, that is not the case with brown huntsman spiders, black house spiders, daddy long legs, grey huntsman spiders, and a few other species. From localised pain to triggering asthma symptoms, the stings of these spiders can sometimes be fatal.

    Tom’s Pest Control gives a comprehensive solution for spider issues at the properties of our customers. We perform a thorough pest inspection, create a tailored treatment plan, treat spiders, clear the web, complete necessary repairs at the property, and advise you specific property maintenance tips.

    Other Pest Control Solutions

    We have pest management solutions for all the pest issues at your property. If your property has a different pest issue at your property than mentioned above, you can choose the right one from our other pest management solutions.
    • Borer control
    • Bed Bug Heat Treatment
    • Possum control
    • Fox trapping and control
    • Beetle control
    • Mite control
    • Wasp extermination
    • Mosquito control
    • Flea treatment and control
    • Termite control
    • Fly control
    • Moth control
    • Silverfish treatment
    • Ant extermination and control

    You can learn about each of these pest solutions by visiting our service pages. Feel free to talk to our pest technicians if you have questions or would want to know more about services.

    Our affordable pest control technicians in Ormeau are excited to work with you and help you make your property pest-free.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Pest issues in commercial spaces are far more destructive than residential environments. The customer disapproval, loss of business, reputation damage, and regulator’s action are some of the effects of pest issues in commercial spaces.

    Tom’s Pest Control offers advanced commercial pest control in Ormeau to help businesses thrive with a healthy environment.

    General Pest Management

    Odds are, commercial spaces report more than one type of pests. This is more expected in food-related businesses, including restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, grocery stores, food processing industries, and more. Such businesses may attract fleas, flies, mosquitos, ants, and other common pests.

    We offer general pest management to address all these common pests with a single treatment. With the service, you can eliminate:

    • Cockroaches
    • Ants
    • Spiders
    • Silverfish
    • Fleas
    • Flies
    • Mosquitos
    • Beetles
    • Mites

    One treatment, the cost of single pest management, and minimal disturbance to your operational hours!

    Specific Pest Control Solutions

    If your commercial property has a different pest issue, you can choose our specific pest management services.
    • Termite control
    • Wasp treatment and control
    • Rodent control
    • Possum removal
    • Bird control
    • Fox trapping

    Regardless of the type of pest service you choose, we assure you the safest pest extermination experience, as we use only Australia-approved, family-friendly products and procedures.

    We also guarantee you 100 per cent satisfaction with our services. If you notice that your property’s pest issues are subsidised after our pest control, you can contact us within two weeks of the treatment. Our pest technicians will return to your property and perform the extermination again for FREE after identifying the issues.

    Make Your Property Pest-Free Today

    Connect to us at (07) 4085 9015 or use our online form to let us know your property’s infestation issues and get an upfront quote. Let’s make your property pest-free and healthy with our cheap pest control services in Ormeau.

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