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Do you see signs of possum infestation at your property and want to address the pest professionally? Are you searching for licensed possum removal in the Gold Coast to secure your property from further damage?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control. We are one of the pioneers of modern pest control services in Australia with several years of service.

We are a team of expertly trained, licensed, and highly experienced possum catchers in the Gold Coast who can provide you with safe removal service that is stress-free for the pest animal.

With our service, we will help you prevent future possum infestation risks while addressing the current issues.

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Why Should You Remove Possum From Your Property?

If not removed on time, possums can compromise the healthy condition of your property and cause various damage.

Due to these pests, you will experience the following issues at your property:

  • Possums leave a large amount of waste; especially the droppings can contaminate your environment and carry various pathogens. The pests spread various diseases, including tuberculosis and coccidiosis.
  • Possums are excellent climbers, often climbing attic and roof, causing damage to roof shingles, tiles, gutters, and more.
  • Possums may access your property and mess up the interior. They consume food and pet food, make holes in walls and floors, leave food scraps and droppings, etc.
  • These pests are highly unpredictable and can chew your plumbing, insulation, and air ducts.
  • Possums continue to live in their habitats. The pests won’t go their own if they choose to live in a property. By making scratching noises, generating various types of debris, and creating clutters, they become a nuisance to the peaceful life of the inhabitants of the properties.
If you notice any dead possum in your property, you can contact us for quick dead possum removal in the Gold Coast.

Signs Of Possum Infestation At Your Property

These nocturnal pests try to stay away from human sight, and you may not visually see them confirm their presence. You need to confirm possums in your property with the following signs of infestation:
  • Visible damage to the exterior of the property, such as damaged siding, ripped soffit, torn up shingles, broken gutters, and more.
  • Disappearing food products, including pet food, from the property.
  • Possums like cat food very much; so watch for it.
  • Loud, scratching noises at night. You may also see scratches on your walls and floors.
  • Possums make various vocalisations, such as hissing, shrieking, and more. Mother possums usually make clicking and lip-smacking sounds to signal their babies.
  • Possum droppings are smelly, and the pest animal frequently defecates in their environment. If you smell some unpleasant odour in your property, you can check for the other possum infestation signs.
Though possum infestation can lead to property damage and compromise the healthy environment of your property, you can’t kill or catch them as they are protected per federal and state laws.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we are licensed and highly experienced to provide possum removal service. We will remove the pest animal from your property according to the government guidelines.

Do you notice extensive possum damage at your property and want emergency possum removal? Contact us immediately, our pest technicians are happy to provide you with same day possum removal to safeguard your property.

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A Four-Stage Possum Removal Process

At Tom’s Pest Control, our four-stage possum removal will address the factors that led to infestation along with the removal of pest.

Pest Inspection

Our certified possum removal technicians will visit your property and identify the possum species and document their characteristics.

We will also investigate various damage due to infestation and the property factors that attracted possum to your environment.

We will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report with our findings, damage noticed at the property, photographs, recommendations for property repair, and more.

Possum Removal Plan

Based on our inspection findings, we will create a tailored possum removal plan for your property. The plan will include all the details of the service, including the removal procedure, the duration of the procedure, any approvals required from the authorities, and more.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of researchers to study the behavioural habits of possums to ensure safe, hassle-free removal of the pest.

Same Day Possum Removal

Our licensed Gold Coast possum removal specialists will remove the animal from your property as described in the plan. We generally catch possums using cage traps – made from wire mesh – to ensure no harm to the animal during the process.

Once we place the cage traps at your property, we will check the cages everyday morning until trapped and release the animal safely at a distance instructed by the authorities.

Ongoing Prevention

As the best possum removal services in Gold Coast, we will also provide you with strategies and tips to prevent future possum infestation.

We will advise you on specific techniques – including netting, electric fencing, and more – to make the pest least comfortable in your environment.

If the favourable factors at your property for the pest animal are not addressed, possums may infest your property again.

As one of the best possum removal services in the Gold Coast, we will advise you on specific techniques, property repairing needs, or fencing to make your property inaccessible for possums.

Some general tips that can make your property not a convenient habitat for possums include:

  • Store the food products – including pet food – in sealed containers after use.
  • Remove any debris pile up and clutter at your property. Possums find safe hiding places in piles of books, newspapers, wood, fabrics, etc.
  • Trim back trees and shrubs that are close to the property as possums can climb through branches and access your property and roof.
  • Regularly inspect your property to identify any possum pest infestation signs. The regular inspection will also help you locate any property damage, holes, and access points for possums. Repair the property damage and holes to prevent possum entry to your property.

Why Choose Tom’s Possum Removal Services in Gold Coast?

We are committed to offering an all-inclusive service to our customers and help them to restore the healthy condition of their properties. The characteristics of our service that make us the preferred pest control provider for the homeowners and businesses of the Gold Coast are the following:
  • Same/next day possum removal
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified pest removal technicians
  • Upfront quotes, transparent service
  • Local teams of possum catchers
  • State-of-the-art, humane procedures
  • Friendly, professional service experience
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed
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