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Professional, Licensed Termite Inspection In The Gold Coast

Do you doubt termite infestation at your property and want a professional termite inspection to confirm the pest’s presence? Are you acquiring a new property and want to know the hidden termite issues or future infestation risks?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control.

We are one of the premier providers of pest management in Australia, with a few decades of consistent quality services. We have local termite inspectors and pest technicians in every suburbs of the Gold Coast to give you quick service.

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Why A Termite Inspection Important?

A termite inspection can safeguard you greatly from making costly mistakes about your properties. Whether you are planning to purchase a property or want to save your current property, the following reasons will tell you why a termite inspection important:
  • Termites are wood-eating pests, and they are responsible for significant property damage worldwide.
  • Studies confirm that termites cause around $5 billion worth of property damage around the world every year.
  • If you are acquiring a property, termite inspection can help you learn the property’s real value and allow you to negotiate better.
  • It also gives you the historical status of the termite inspection at the property and helps you take measures to address any future infestation risks.
  • You can also get the details of future infestation risks of the property and preventive treatment measures.
Many lending institutions and banks demand a termite inspection report to approve the mortgage application. Additionally, termite inspection gives you the details of property damage due to termite infestation and possible pest control options.

Comprehensive Termite Inspection

Our local termite inspectors will come to your property at your convenient time and complete the inspection using special tools. We will examine every inch of your property, including the foundation, roof, damp and dark areas, and more.

Australian properties, in general, report two termite species: drywood termites and subterranean termites. Our termite inspectors will pay special attention to areas with wood-to-ground contact and moisture issues. Importantly, all our termite inspectors are experts in the unique behaviours of both the termite species. This gives you accurate findings on the pest status at your property.

Additionally, they are aware of the termite species reported in your suburb and search for specific past and current termite infestation signs. For instance, if subterranean termites are reported in your locality, our inspectors will pay special attention to the basement, accessible attic and crawlspaces, foundation, and other lower-level areas of your property.

On the other hand, if drywood termites generally spotted on exposed wood, wooden furniture, hardwood floors, crawlspaces, and attic. We use a number of advanced inspection tools to find any traces of termite in your space to help you safeguard your property and interests.

A Detailed Inspection Report

Our inspectors will document each damage, capture high-quality images of termite infestation, and provide you with a detailed termite inspection report. We will also give you an estimate of the total cost of termite damage and suggest to you the possible treatment options.

You will get a detailed termite inspection report within 24 hours of the procedure. The report will summarise findings, previous infestation and treatment history, images of infestation and property damage, suggestible future inspection frequency, recommendations, and more.

In most cases, we will also report the other pest species that we have found at your property – including the best pest control methods for them.

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Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control

No matter you want residential termite inspection or commercial service, we guarantee you a complete service experience. The following characteristics of our service will tell you why we can be the right partner for your termite inspection needs:

Licensed And Experienced Technicians

Our termite inspection specialists are have several years of termite inspection experience. They also hold Pest Management Technician Licenses and have completed general pest management and timber pest management courses.

Additionally, our termite inspection services comply with Australian Standard (4349.1) to guarantee you the most accurate results.

Advanced Technology And Tools

We use the latest technology to give precise results and information to our customers. Our termite inspectors use advanced water leak detectors, infrared cameras, motion magnification technology, drone imaging, and more to make the service high quality and quick.

Our thermal imaging cameras will detect areas in your property with temperate inconsistencies and help you identify spaces that are prone to future infestation risks.

Competitive Pricing, Upfront Quotes

We have advanced, streamlined termite inspection procedures. This allows us to offer inspection services at highly competitive prices. When you contact us with your property inspection needs, you will get an upfront FREE quote for the service to give a transparent experience.

We want all our customers to get hassle-free service regardless of the size and type of their property.

Quick, Prioritised Service

Our local termite and building inspectors will give you the same/next day inspection service to help you quickly identify the termite issues at the property. As a trusted pest management service provider with a few decades of service, we prioritise termite issues, regardless of inspection or pest control.

We can also offer you quick pest control services if we confirm the presence of the pest in your environment to make it termite-free.

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