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Expert Silverfish Pest Control In Gold Coast

Do you observe holes and nibbles on your documents or stains on your clothes? Are you searching for advanced silverfish treatment in the Gold Coast?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control in Gold Coast – the trusted name for high-quality, safe pest control services in the Gold Coast.

We have teams of highly experienced pest technicians in every suburbs of the Gold Coast to provide you with quick, tailored silverfish removal service. No matter the complexity of the silverfish issues at your property, we can provide you with safe, effective pest control services with long-lasting results.

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Damage Due To Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish is a wingless insect with silvery scales. Some silverfish species are adapted to human dwelling, posing threats to the healthy condition of the environment. Though these pests do not bite humans, it can make a number of ill-effects to your environment.
  • Silverfish feed and damage various personal things at properties, including books, documents, clothes, leather, painting, wallpapers, and more.
  • They access the kitchen and dining area, run over food, and spoil it with droppings and silvery scales.
  • Silverfish is a nuisance to the healthy environment of a property. Often, the presence of the pest at properties is considered as the lack of maintenance, and people do not feel welcomed to such properties.
  • Studies confirm that silverfish and their scales can trigger asthma attacks in some people.
  • In addition to these ill effects, these pests can bring in other pests to your property. The predators of silverfish such as spiders, cockroaches, centipedes and other pests may get attracted to your property.
Therefore, if you notice silverfish infestation at your property, take steps to eliminate them from the environment.

Signs Of Silverfish Infestation At Your Property

Silverfish is a nocturnal pest, and it prefers to live in damp and darker environments. Therefore, you may not see live silverfish to confirm the pest infestation. The following signs will give you clues about silverfish infestation at your property:
  • These pests moult throughout life, and you can find their silvery scales on your floors and cramped areas of your property.
  • Silverfish feed clothes, fabric, paintings, wallpapers, and documents. If you notice irregular holes on these personal products, you can check further for silverfish infestation.
  • The pest can leave yellowish stains of your fabric. Check your curtains, clothes, and furnishings for any yellowish stains to confirm their presence.
  • If you are doubtful about silverfish infestation, check the darker, cramped, and damp areas of your property including bathrooms, crawlspace, basement, and attic to see them and confirm the infestation.
Contact Tom’s Pest Control once you see the signs of silverfish infestation at your property. Regardless of you have commercial space or residential property, we have the expertise to restore the healthy condition of it.
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Comprehensive Silverfish Treatment

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a standardised, four-stage silverfish pest control for the Gold Coast businesses and homes.

Pest Inspection

Our certified pest inspectors and technicians will come to your property and make a detailed inspection that covers every inch of it to confirm the silverfish infestation and associated damage. We will document the silverfish species, the extent of the infestation, the hiding places of the pests, and more.

Our detailed inspection report will have the findings, photographs of the infestation, recommended treatment options, suggestions to make your property silverfish-proof in future.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored silverfish treatment plan to make your property free of the pest. The plan will have all the details of the treatment, including the treatment types, the timeline of the procedure, expected outcome, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants.

If we identify that your property requires a follow-up treatment to address silverfish, we will include the details of that as well in the treatment plan.

Silverfish Extermination

Our pest technicians will complete the silverfish treatment as prescribed in the treatment plan. We have special tools and equipment to access every inch of your property and remove the pests. We usually complete multiple treatment procedures to remove silverfish from properties, and that include repellents, insecticides, aerosol sprays, fogging, and traps.

We guarantee you highly safe treatment experience as we use only family-friendly, approved products and procedures per Australian standards for pest control. We are committed to creating a healthy environment around you with our services.

Ongoing Control

If your property has favourable factors for silverfish infestation, the treatment may not give you lasting results. To address this, we will provide you with specific tips and techniques to safeguard your property against the pest.

Some general tips that can work better against silverfish include the following:

  • Always store your food products in airtight containers or boxes. Silverfish feeds cereals, flour, sugar, and other dry foods and can get easily attracted if you have open food at your property.
  • Check the humidity level of your rooms – especially kitchen and basement – and properly ventilate to minimise the moisture level. If you notice high humidity, install a dehumidifier to reduce the dampness.
  • Clear clutter to reduce the hiding places for silverfish
    Vacuum clean the property on a regular basis. Also, remove garbage from the property and dispose of properly.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we focus on offering a comprehensive, high-value service to all our customers. The highlights of our pest control services are the following:
  • Same/next day pest control
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified pest technicians
  • State-of-the-art pest treatment procedures
  • Safe, approved, and family-friendly pest control solutions
  • Upfront quotes, friendly and professional service experience
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed
Do you observe that the silverfish issue at your property is not subsidised after our pest control? You can contact us within two weeks of the treatment, our pest technicians will come back to your property and complete retreatment for FREE. We will ensure that your property is completely free of the silverfish infestation.
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