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Pest Control In Southport

Many insects and animals are called pest because of their destructive behaviour. They carry pathogens and spread diseases. They breed to multiply and cause the infestation to your property, causing severe damage and degrading its aesthetic beauty. Pest infestation also impacts the quality of your life and hygienic condition of your environment.


It has been long years now; Tom’s Pest Control works with numerous residents and business in Southport and all other Gold Coast regions. Based on our experience and knowledge, we can understand weather conditions, climate, and other natural factors of your place that lead to local pest issues.


We use integrated pest control wherever possible. It shows that our service into only concentrates on pest removal, but it is more than that. We offer professional pest inspections, customised treatment plan, extermination, barriers, and protection to guarantee healthy and pest-free home and office space.


After been long years in this business, we have seen it all and know how to solve each of the pest issues. Whatever may be the reason for pest infestations at your property, we have a specific solution for all. You can also get our service in the on-going pest management process.

    Commercial Pest Control In Southport

    We work closely with all commercial projects to provide effective commercial pest treatment across Australia. All our services and products are following the Australian standard. Our industry-trained technicians remain updated with recent developments to give you the latest fast and effective service in the most competitive price.


    Based on our long years of experience, we know how to manage and control pest invasion in cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, and other commercial institutions nationwide.


    The reputation of your brand name is our top-most priority. We aim to solve all the pest issues that may impact your business standard, as fast as possible. We are your number one brand defender who understands your image’s importance for a successful business in the competitive industry.


    You can explore our service pages to find out more about our pest management strategy and high-standard services. Although we are expert in all, some services are still in demand among the inhabitants of Southport. They are:

    Ant Control

    Ants are not generally considered as pest until they form colonies and infest your property. They multiply quickly and form multiple colonies. A single colony may nest thousands of ants. They enter your place through cracks in the wall, floor, pavement, or basement and may create a nuisance.


    Your DIY ant treatment may give you temporary relief, but you need professional ant control service for complete removal. If you don’t seek professional help on time, you may risk the people’s health and wellbeing at your property.


    Tom’s Pest Control is your affordable pest treatment company that provides instant relief by same-day pest control services. We have a local team of pest exterminators at each Gold Coast location for instant help or emergency pest control solution. We solve the current ant pest infestation and safeguard your environment against the risk of future infestation.

    Rodent Control

    Rats are irritating pests that cause damage to your personal belongings and business goods. They infest your place, make it unhygienic and spread diseases. It is tough to removal rodent and mice entirely from your property without professional service.


    We are specialist in managing and removing rat or mice invasion quickly through our same day rodent control service. Our rodent exterminator can handle the pest infestation issues with complete perfection. We boast our record of the complete elimination of rats from our client’s property each time of our service with little chance of coming back post-treatment.

    Cockroach Treatment

    Cockroaches are the hardest of all the pests to kill completely because of their high resilience power. They can easily survive the most poisonous pesticides. Hence, it requires systematic planning, customised cockroaches treatment, and smart execution to exterminate them.


    Tom’s Pest Control has all. We have solved cockroach issues of numerous businesses and families across the Gold Coast with 100% results. They are the root cause of many harmful diseases. You must take professional service on time to protect your family’s health and the hygiene of your environment.

    We use advanced treatment procedures to kill every single cockroach, including eggs and larvae. It provides you with affordable pest control service with the complete solution from cockroach infestation with no chance of relapse.

    Moth Control

    Moth invasion is a matter of concern. It prefers dark places to breed and cause damage to foods, clothes, books, leather items and much more.


    We are known for providing moth control services that are effective as well as budget-friendly. It solves the moth infestation entirely from your area. Our advanced techniques and procedures will offer you quick removal of moth.

    Why Seek Our Pest Management Services?

    Our pest management services provide the highest protection level to a warehouse, food supply industry, hotels, non-food industries, and residential premises from pest invasion. We are a reputed name in the industry that has the history of protecting numerous domestic and commercial services of the inhabitants across the Gold Coast from all types of pest nuisances.


    Our local team in your area will give you instant help through same-day pest inspection and solution. We will offer you the best service and advice to solve all your pest related problems.


    When you seek our pest service, it proves that you are in one of the industry’s most capable and expert hands.

    Pest Control For Home In Southport

    Our team of licensed technicians are expert in controlling all types of residential pests, including, ants, cockroaches, mice, flea, rats, spiders, and many other that infest your home and cause trouble.


    We know the kind of service you expect on contacting us. Hence, we focus on assisting you with one of the best services possible by utilising modern technics and procedures. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our knowledge and execution allow us to offer you the long-lasting result with no chances of relapse in the future.

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    Contact us now on (07) 4085 9015 to learn more about our cheap pest control management techniques and services. You can fill the online form available at our website for pest-related enquiries. We will get back to you as fast as possible with an obligation free quote.

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